Prevent Back Pain When You Have To Clear Snow From Your Driveway

Now that winter is here, it's time to consider how you are going to clear snow off of your driveway without hurting your back. A little preparation now will pay off, when it comes time to shovel a driveway full of beautiful, but heavy, white stuff.

Stretch Your Body Before You Head Outside

While you may just want to get out there and get the job done, take the time to warm up your body before you start shoveling. Shoveling snow is a considerable workout, and it's important that you treat it as such. Stretch your arms, shoulders, back, and hamstrings before you go outside. You wouldn't go to the gym and start running on the treadmill without stretching, and shoveling snow should be treated the same way.

Use a Shovel with a Scooped or Bent Handle

If you've seen a snow shovel with a bend in the handle and wondered why, the shovel is bent to help the person shoveling keep their back healthy. If you must shovel, use a shovel with a bent handle and take small scoops of the snow. Snow gets heavy quickly, and lifting too much snow too fast will put you at risk for back injury. Take your time and take breaks when you need to.

Consider a Snowblower 

While you may not feel that you can afford a snowblower, it's definitely an investment worth making when it comes to back health. A snowblower is the easiest way to remove heavy snow from your driveway without hurting your back. If you have physical limitations that make it difficult for you to shovel snow, a snowblower is the best decision you can make this winter season.

Consider a Chiropractic Adjustment Before You Have to Shovel

One of the best ways to keep your back pain free is to go to your chiropractor for routine maintenance adjustments. If you know that a storm is coming and you will have to give your back a workout, it's helpful to get an adjustment so that your back is in optimal shape to handle the work.

Your back matters, and routine visits with a chiropractor such as Mauk Chiropractic will keep you feeling great throughout the winter months. As the snow begins to pile up, make sure that you stretch your body before you attempt any snow removal. If all else fails, and you are concerned about your back, there is no shame in hiring a plow service to get the job done for you.