3 Reasons To Take Your Baby To A Pediatric Chiropractor

Did you know that newborns could benefit greatly from seeing the chiropractor? You might think that this is not necessary since babies don't have back pain from lifting, exercising, or stress, but it is more than necessary for other reasons. Here are some reasons to take your newborn to the chiropractor.

1. Heal The Trauma From Birth

If your baby was born vaginally, they most likely had quite a traumatic experience. In many cases the baby must bend and move their body in uncomfortable positions that could be painful and leave them feeling out of sorts. Many parents complain that their babies are fussy and have a hard time eating for the first couple weeks. This could potentially be from the fact that the child is recovering from birth trauma. A spinal manipulation will help the spine to properly position itself, so that the child is more comfortable. This means a less fussy baby, and happier parents.

2. Encourages Healthy Spinal Elongation

In the first years of life a baby experiences incredible growth. At no other time in a human's life will they grow that rapidly. This is why it is so important that the baby's body is properly positioned during this growing phasing. When you take your baby to see a chiropractor they will do an adjustment that will encourage the spine to elongate. This will help the child's back to straighten correctly so that they child has better mobility, less pain and a healthy body.

You can safely take your infant to the chiropractor multiple times. You can start as young as just a day or two old, and continue to take them regularly throughout their first years of life.

3. Naturally Prevent and Treat Infections

It is not uncommon for infants to get ear infections. Their ear canals are very small, which means fluid can get caught in the ear canal and cause an infection. If you take the child to a medical doctor for the infection, they will prescribe an antibiotic. Antibiotics can be dangerous for small children. This is why going to a chiropractor is ideal. They can help the child's ears to drain naturally and without the use of medication.

For this reason, you should avoid giving your baby antibiotics until you have tried to naturally treat the infection. This will be safer for the child in the long run.

These are just three reasons you could take your young baby to the chiropractor (such as one from Exelbert Chiropractic).