Tips For Girls Going To The Gynecologist For The First Time

If you are a teenage girl, an important occasion in your life is seeing the gynecologist for the first time. In order to make this process less scary and foreign, you can consider these tips:

Understand Your Body

Because your gynecologist is going to be inspecting different parts of your body, particularly your reproductive system, it's important to become familiar with these parts before your visit. You need to know what each part is called. This helps you understand what your gynecologist is saying, so you don't end up missing something important.

The best way to study your reproductive parts is to look at diagrams and videos online. The more well educated you are going into your first visit, the better you and your specialist can communicate with each other. Then, you can build a rapport with them quicker, so the process isn't as stressful or embarrassing.

Choose the Right Professional

One of the most important aspects of seeing the gynecologist is choosing a specialist that you are most comfortable with. As a woman, you may feel most comfortable having a woman specialist inspect your body parts. They know exactly what you are going through, and may be able to offer more support.

Go online and look up different specialists in your area. The fewer miles you have to travel to their office, the less stressed you may be. When looking at these specialists, check their credentials and how much experience they have.

You also want to see what other patients' experiences have been like with a particular doctor. You also might consider getting a referral from a friend or family member. After narrowing down your list, schedule a consultation with them. Make sure he or she gives off good vibes, as you are going to have to see this professional once a year. 

Keep Track of Your Monthly Cycle

After your first visit to the gynecologist, it's critical to keep track of your monthly cycle. Doing this helps you know if your period is normal or not. There are many ways you can keep track of your cycles, but one of the easiest methods is to simply download a cycle app to your smartphone.

These cycle apps help you monitor your weight, mood and symptoms. Then, if you start noticing that your hormone levels or behaviors are off even the slightest bit, you can contact your gynecologist for a follow-up exam.

As a girl, seeing the gynecologist is an important part of maturing. To make this whole process go as smoothly as possible, you can consider these helpful tips. Contact a center like Central Iowa OB/Gyn Specialists, PLC to learn more about visiting a gynecologist.