Six Things To Avoid To Maintain Your Vision As You Age

Most people find that their vision becomes less and less sharp as they age. Although some vision loss is inevitable as one grows older, there are certain risks you can avoid if you'd like to keep your eyes in good condition no matter how old you get.  

The following are a few things that can harm the eyes of aging individuals:


Obesity can be harmful to the eyes because it can increase one's chances of developing diabetes. There are several different eye conditions to which diabetics are more susceptible. Diabetics are more susceptible to these conditions because high blood sugar can disrupt the eye's functioning by causing the eye lens to swell. 

Diabetics are twice as likely to develop glaucoma as non-diabetics. Glaucoma is a group of different eye disorders that gradually cause vision loss until the condition is detected and treatment begins. Other eye conditions that are more common in diabetics include cataracts and retinopathy. 


Smoking slows down blood circulation and speeds up the aging process throughout the entire body. Those who smoke are more likely to suffer from eye conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration as they age. 


Eyestrain occurs when individuals stair into an LCD display for extended periods of time or when they read fine print in low light situations. Always keep bright lights on when you're reading and consider buying a pair of computer glasses. Computer glasses are specially designed to protect the eyes from artificial blue light, and they're helpful for those who are on the computer frequently. 

Too much caffeine

Too much caffeine could cause eyes to become dry and can hamper tear production. This could allow bacteria to proliferate on the eyes and cause the eyes to age faster. 

Excessive use of eye care products

Don't get carried away with the application of eye drops and other eye care products. Putting foreign substances into the eyes always carries some risk, as it can expose the eyes to bacteria and raise the chances of infection. 

Excessive exposure to dry air

Dry air can lead to eye irritation that can provoke you to rub your eyes. If you live in a climate or home with particularly dry air, you might consider getting a humidifier. The eyes need to stay moist to self-cleanse, and dry air can prevent them from doing this. Irritation and eye rubbing leaves the eyes susceptible to infection and various conditions like conjunctivitis and inflammation. 

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