Maximizing Laser Body Sculpting Results After A Male Chest Fat Procedure

Laser body sculpting has emerged as a brilliant new alternative to traditional liposuction. Through this procedure, a targeted beam of energy kills fat cells beneath the skin. The minimally-invasive procedure is done on an outpatient basis and requires limited recovery time. For men seeking to have fat removed from their chests, the procedure may be preferable to "all out" surgery. It is suggested men take a few extra post-procedure diet and exercise steps are advised to ensure maximize results.

Enhance Fat Loss

Laser body sculpting is not intended to remove large amounts of fat. Removing a small amount of fat - any amount of fat - from a man's chest area is going to yield dramatic results. More than one procedures may be required to maximize fat loss, but not every patient may have the budget for additional sessions. This is why diet and exercise are so critical for boosting post-procedure results.

The Recovery Period

The doctor is sure to tell a patient to take time off from exercise in order to allow the body to recover. A lack of activity, however, makes it harder to burn calories. The following two changes could prove helpful:

  • Reduce Carbohydrate Intake

Cutting down on carbohydrates is advisable during the early recovery period since this would cut down on sugar in the system. Without sugar to draw energy from, the body must turn towards its remaining stored fat and protein.

  • Increase Protein Intake

Upping protein intake during the recovery period means the body can take protein from food sources as opposed to muscle tissue. Natural protein such as chicken and turkey is the best, but protein shakes are fine for those on the go. Make the shakes with unsweetened almond milk or water in order to keep carb intake down.

Post-Recovery Period

Once the doctor gives the okay to resume normal activities, patients need to do a couple things to maintain the fantastic results the laser procedure delivered.

  • Eat Clean

Upon resuming normal eating habits, an emphasis on fresh fruit, vegetables, and lean meats is suggested. These foods come with much lower calorie content which, in turn, prevents the eliminated fat from returning.

  • Build Muscle

Building up a decent amount of lean muscle mass increases metabolism, which aids in burning remaining fat. Working on chest and upper body exercises would definitely be beneficial since this would contribute to shaping the new appearance of the torso.

Total Chest Fat Elimination

If there is a small amount of chest fat remaining after the sculpting session, the right post-procedure steps should aid in eliminating that fat in no time. Body sculpting does a lot for eliminating unwanted fat, but candidate for the procedure also must be willing to do their part.

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