Cataract Surgery? 4 Things You Can Do To Ensure A Speedy And Uneventful Recovery

Recovering from cataract surgery usually doesn't take very long, and it normally isn't that painful. Other than some soreness for a day or two after the surgery, you should feel fine. In fact, you can return to most of your normal activities as long as you feel like you can do them without placing strain or undo pressure on your eyes. Your doctor, such as from Tri State Ophthalmology, will give you a complete list of the activities you should avoid after surgery. In addition to avoiding the things on the list, you should do the following four things to ensure a speedy and uneventful recovery after cataract surgery. 

Follow Instructions

Your doctor will likely prescribe eye drops to aid in the healing process. Be sure to use your eye drops as instructed even if you don't like administering them. The eye drops will help reduce inflammation, prevent infection, and reduce eye pressure, all of which will help you experience less pain and fewer complications during the healing process. 

Avoid Pressure

When you bend over to pick something up or when you cough or sneeze, you put extra pressure on your eyes. While you may not be able to avoid sneezing or getting sick to your stomach, you should try to fight back the urge. You should also avoid bending over or placing undo pressure on your eyes. A good rule of thumb to follow is this: if any activity makes your eye pain increase, stop doing it. Also, don't do any heavy lifting.

Avoid Irritants

Try to avoid anything that may irritate your eyes, such as dust, wind, dirt and bright light. While you can play on your phone a little bit and watch a bit of TV, don't go overboard with it. Your eyes just went through something traumatic, and they need to rest. 

Avoid Contamination

Do not rub your eyes with your hands or clothing because it increases your risk of infection. Avoid getting into the pool or hot tub for a whole week after surgery. Try to keep your eyes clean and sterile at all times by using your drops and not letting anything get near your eyes during the healing process. 

Recovering from cataract surgery usually isn't all that complicated. However, you still have to take care to make sure that you don't introduce infection to your eyes before they are healed completely. Be sure to follow all of your doctor's instructions.