Staying Healthy When Visiting The Doctor’s Office

Going into the doctor's office for a routine medical exam is supposed to keep you healthy. Checkups can catch diseases or other health problems early and allow you to escape intrusive treatments. Unfortunately, the doctor's office is also a fabulous place to pick up a virus. After all, sick people are there coughing, blowing their noses, and touching everything. If you take a few precautions while you are waiting to see your doctor, you may avoid catching a bug.

Hand Washing

Regular and thorough hand washing can do much to keep you healthy no matter where you are, but it's more important than ever when you are around sick people. When you take a seat in the waiting room, you never know who was sitting there before you. Just grasping the armrests can expose you to viruses and infections. Remember not to touch your eyes, nose, or mouth until you have a chance to wash your hands. If the office has a pump that dispenses sanitizing gel, use it on the way into the office and on the way out. Once you arrive at home, thoroughly wash your hands with regular soap and warm water. Don't munch on any snacks until you do.

Minimize Office Time

Although you want to be on time for your appointment, you do not want to arrive early. If you do roll up twenty minutes before your appointment, spend at least ten minutes in the car. Crack the window and enjoy the fresh air. The remaining ten minutes should be enough to get you checked in and ready for your appointment. The less time you spend around potentially contagious folks, the better. You could also potentially opt for an onsite medical exam

Wear Protective Clothing

If your immune system is compromised or you just can't afford to get sick, don't hesitate to wear a protective mask and even gloves, especially during cold and flu season. No one will bother you or comment. In fact, they may avoid you because they think you are contagious. Remember, you don't need to make a fashion statement at the doctor's office. You just need to stay well.

When you visit the doctor, you should take steps to keep yourself from contracting a virus or infection. Even if you have a physical ailment, you certainly do not need another one. Limit your time in the waiting room, wash your hands like crazy, and cover up. You may save yourself from a bad case of the flu or another illness.