Have A Sinus Infection? 3 Things To Do Until You Can See The Doctor

When a sinus infection settles in, ear pressure, sinus cavity pain, and blurred vision are just some of the common symptoms people experience. If you're lucky, you can be seen right away by your ENT to have it treated. However, if you have other obligations, it might be a few days before you can make time for a visit. You don't have to suffer during this period.

Take A Steam Shower

If you like to unwind at the end of the day with a long, hot soak in the tub, consider a shower instead. When you take your shower, close the door and turn off the fan so that the space can fill up with steam.

Steam is helpful because it moistens your sinuses, which helps loosen the compacted mucus and other debris that is lodged in your nose. While it won't cure the infection, it will help relieve some of the inflammation, which can help minimize your pain and discomfort.

Drink Water

Doctors don't just encourage their patients to drink plenty of water because it sounds good. Water is important because it helps ensure proper body function. In terms of your sinuses, water hydrates this space, which initiates the same process as steam.

In terms of what not to drink, stay away from alcoholic and caffeinated beverages as much as you can while dealing with an infection. These types of beverages promote dehydration, which can dry the sinuses and intensify your discomfort. Even after the infection is cleared, work hard to stay hydrated with water to help minimize your risk of future complications.

Try Nasal Passage Cleaning

Much of the pain you are experiencing is the result of inflammation within your nasal passages that is caused by built up mucus. Nasal passage cleaning targets the area to flush the buildup and reduce the inflammation. The most common method for cleaning is a saline rinse; however, there are also more high-tech options like nasal irrigators.

If you are someone who deals with recurring sinus problems, it's wise to consider making a nasal passage cleaning a part of your regular routine. Some methods recommend daily use, whereas others may be used every so often, such as once-a-month. Once you've decided on an option, ask your ENT for help determining how often is best for you.

Don't let a sinus infection get the best of you. Apply these tips for some relief until you can get in to see your doctor. For more tips, contact a clinic like Alpine Ear, Nose & Throat, PC.