How Late Night E-Reading Marathons May Cause Early Onset of Macular Degeneration

The creation of e-readers has helped to cause a heavy boost in reading that has been beneficial to many people across the nation. Unfortunately, using one of these electronic devices while comfortably tucked away in bed at night may be causing the early onset of macular degeneration, a serious vision problem that can lead to blindness.

E-Readers Use Blue Light to Illuminate the Screen

Many e-readers (and computers) use what is known as blue light to illuminate their screen. This ultraviolet form of light is very powerful and has been shown to help promote better focus and concentration in many office workers. However, this blue light is also known to be problematic for people who are exposed to it later at night. 

It can cause eye strain, agitation, and insomnia when used late at night because it throws off a person's sleep cycle. Even worse, it can harm the eye because the intensity of the light is increased in a dark room – such as reading an e-reader with the lights off – when there is no natural light to dissipate it.

Blue Light Can Cause Macular Degeneration

The intensity of blue light can damage the eye by promoting the early onset of macular degeneration. Heavy exposure to blue light can cause the blood vessels in the eyes to grow in improper ways and lead to the early stages of macular degeneration, particularly if the eye is overexposed.

Those who get this disease early are more likely to end up blind or nearly blind later in life, making it necessary to understand how to treat this problem before it becomes more severe.

You Can Manage This Problem

The easiest way to avoid this problem is to either stop reading e-readers at night or to purchase a blue shade tool that protects the eyes. It is still best to stop using all electronic devices that emit blue light at least an hour or two before going to bed. This helps negate some of its effects.

If macular degeneration does begin, there are a few ways to slow it. These management methods include antioxidant vitamins, injections that slow the growth of blood vessels in the eye that cause macular degeneration, the use of laser surgery, and light therapy.

While e-readers aren't necessarily a serious danger, it is worth knowing how they impact the eye and how this problem can be managed successfully. Make sure to take time to rest the eyes of all electronic items at the end of the day to avoid early onset of macular degeneration. For more information, talk to a company like Macuhealth.