Are You Dealing With A Smartphone Addiction? 3 Strategies For Breaking The Habit

Most people feel attached to their smartphones. After all, it is like carrying around a computer in your pocket, and the convenience of filling up time with a quick online game is sometimes hard to resist. Problems with cell phone usage can get out of hand, and you can be sure that you are struggling with a smartphone addiction if it begins to interfere with your life such as getting in trouble at work or school. While you can't completely eliminate smartphones from your life like you can drugs and alcohol, it is possible to find ways to cope with your addiction.

Identify the Underlying Reasons For Your Usage

As with any addiction, there are often underlying reasons why you may not be able to stay off of your phone. For instance, serious anxiety may cause you to constantly recheck your emails or texts to make sure that you haven't missed anything. Alternatively, you could be using your phone to escape from other problems in your life. Since it is often hard to figure out why you are relying on your phone so much, it is best to seek mental health counseling to address the underlying issues regarding your addiction.

Establish Phone-Free Zones Around Your Home

Keeping your phone in your pocket or purse just makes it harder to avoid taking it out. Find a place in your home where you can store your phone that is not easily accessible, and establish a rule that you will not use it in the kitchen or your bedroom. Then, find alternative activities that keep your mind occupied when you are in those rooms such as talking to your family over dinner or reading a book before bed.

Create Times to Handle Business On Your Phone

The truth is that there are times when you absolutely need your phone such as for handling a phone call. Try to arrange for specific times during the day when you handle any important business that involves your phone. For example, you may check and respond to emails first thing in the morning, and then leave your phone in your desk at work. Creating certain times when you use the phone helps you notice when you are using it as a mere distraction from life.

It is hard to resist using your favorite gadget when everything you want to do is accessible with a few swipes of your finger. However, learning how to overcome your smartphone addiction opens up more time to enjoy real life moments. For more information, contact companies like Community Counseling Group.