Guidelines To Help You Pick The Best Cremation Urn For Your Loved One

If your loved one chooses cremation over a traditional burial, you will be tasked with picking out the container in which their remains will be held in for the long-term. Cremation urns are well-designed containers that are built for the purpose, but one look at the millions of choices and you may feel overwhelmed about picking the best urn for your loved one. There are a handful of guidelines to follow to help you make the best choice. 

Did your loved one have certain preferences to be followed?

It is not uncommon for people who pre-plan their funeral to leave suggestions on the type of urn they would like or even leave directions as to how they want their cremains handled at all. Before you make any decisions on your own, look at the designations your loved one may have left in their funeral or end-of-life plans. If your loved one wanted their remains delivered to a certain place or even buried, it can make a major difference in the type of urn you choose or if you need to pick one out at all.

Where will the urn be kept?

Will the urn be displayed on a mantel in your home, placed in a columbarium, or on display at a certain establishment? The answer to where the urn will be displayed will help you choose what type of urn you want. If you want something that is going to display well at home for many years in your home, you may want to pick out something that is more neutral in appearance, for example. If the urn will be displayed in a columbarium, a more traditional urn may be the best option. 

What were some of the personality traits of your loved one?

The personality of your loved one is something that should always be considered when choosing an urn. A more conservative, traditional person would likely have preferred a more traditional, conservative urn. Someone who was artistic or less traditional may have preferred a more artistic or creative urn. 

Will the remains be shared by multiple family members?

If there are several siblings or family members who are interested in keeping part of the remains in their own home, it may be best to go with a collection of small urns. When your loved one is cremated, the remains will be carefully divided out into the smaller urns so everyone has an equal share to keep. 

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