Managing Your Heel Pain

Any type of pain or discomfort involving your feet can have major impacts on your quality of life due to its ability to prevent you from being able to function or otherwise perform your daily routines. Problems involving the heels can be an especially common problem for patients to encounter for a variety of reasons, and becoming better informed can be vital in minimizing the impacts of heel pain.

Know The Types Of Shoes That Can Contribute To Your Heel Pain

The types of shoes that you are wearing can be one of the main factors in determining the severity of the heel pain that you experience. More specifically, a person may find that wearing shoes that are thin or that provide limited support will not be able to cushion the force of impacts that their heels experience.

When choosing a type of shoe to wear, you should prioritize ones that are able to provide you with comprehensive support and protection, as this will help reduce the strain that the heels experience.

Be Mindful Of How You Step

In addition to wearing high-quality and supportive shoes, being mindful of the way that you step can also be extremely useful. Individuals that step with a lot of force can actually cause minor bruising to their heel.

Depending on the weight of the individual and the amount of force the apply with their steps, these bruises can occur despite them wearing high-quality and durable shoes. The discomfort from these bruises can encourage compensating with the way that a person steps, which can also lead to some significant foot problems.

If you are prone to stepping with a lot of force, it can take a lot of sustained effort to break yourself of this habit. However, it can be an effective way of reducing the potential for chronic foot problems and pain.

Seek An Evaluation From A Podiatrist For Your Heel Pain

Many individuals will find that their foot and heel pain will dissipate on its own after a few days. This is especially common when the pain is caused by an acute injury that will likely heal on its own. Unfortunately, other patients will find that their foot issues are chronic in nature, and this can lead to pain being a regular part of their life. A podiatrist such as one at Collier Podiatry PA will evaluate your feet to determine the cause of the heel pain so that it can be treated.