4 Things To Know About Getting A Flu Shot

Flu season comes around every year, bringing illness in its wake. Fortunately, you can protect yourself by getting vaccinated. Flu shots will make you less likely to contract influenza. Here are a few things you should know before getting a flu shot:

1. You may experience minor side effects.

Some people hesitate before getting the flu shot because they worry that the flu shot will make them ill. It's not true that the flu shot will give you influenza. However, you may experience minor side effects on the day of your vaccination. Some people experience swelling or muscle soreness in the arm that received the vaccine. Other people experience mild symptoms of illness, such as a slight fever, headache, or runny nose. These symptoms occur as your immune system responds to the inactive virus in the flu shot. You should feel better within one or two days, and you can take comfort in the fact that these minor side effects are preferable to contracting the full-blown flu.

2. You can get a flu shot at most pharmacies.

Most vaccines must be administered by your doctor. However, flu shots are widely accessible. If you can't make it to your regular doctor's office, you can get a flu shot from the nearest pharmacy. A pharmacist will administer your vaccine, and it's likely that your health insurance will cover the cost.

3. You can protect vulnerable people by getting vaccinated.

A flu shot will help you maintain your good health. However, you aren't the only person who will benefit. Some people are unable to get flu shots due to health conditions. Very young children and elderly people may not be able to get flu shots. Similarly, immunocompromised people can't receive vaccines because they may pose a threat to their health. Unfortunately, the flu can be deadly to these populations. These vulnerable members of society rely on herd immunity, which refers to the immunity status of the people around them. By getting your annual flu shot, you can keep children, senior citizens, and immunocompromised people safe from the flu.

4. You should get a flu shot every year.

The flu virus can mutate quickly, which is why there are so many different strains of influenza. In order to keep yourself protected, you should make sure your vaccines are up to date. The most common strains of flu virus change year by year. Protect yourself by getting vaccinated every year in flu season.