Persuasive Reasons Why Your Surgeon Wants You To Receive Orthopedic Rehab Post Surgery

After acquiring a serious injury or developing an illness that has an adverse effect on your muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, or joints, your doctor will recommend surgery to treat the underlying issue and restore your mobility. However, after surgery, you may still be in a considerable amount of pain and discomfort. In some cases, you may even have lingering trouble with your mobility, which is expected after invasive surgery.

To make sure that these side effects of surgery do not become permanent, your surgeon will instruct you to receive orthopedic rehabilitation post-surgery. The issue that arises with some patients is thinking that if they simply get some rest, they will be able to utilize the affected part of their musculoskeletal system, but it will be to their detriment. Read on for some persuasive reasons why your surgeon wants you to receive orthopedic rehab post-surgery.

Orthopedic rehab will restore your mobility

After any major operation, irrespective of the underlying reason for surgery, patients will have limited mobility. And this is expected considering that their body has undergone severe trauma. But this does not permit you to laze around each day with the hopes that soon enough you will get up and be as mobile as you want.

Even if you will be relying on medical equipment, such as leg braces, crutches, etc., you must pay for orthopedic rehab services so that you can gradually reinforce your range of movement. This professional will help you engage in stretching and strength training exercises that will steadily invigorate your muscles and wean you off the support you receive from the medical devices you have been using.

Orthopedic rehab will help with pain management

Engaging in post-surgery activities for pain management may not sound like an ideal way to eliminate the pain, but you could be surprised at how effective orthopedic rehabilitation is. Certainly, you will have prescription pain medication for the first few days post-surgery to help with keeping you comfortable. However, you cannot be dependent on these drugs, as you could easily develop an addiction to them.

The best option for you would be orthopedic rehab for serval reasons. To begin with, the orthopedic therapist will carry out massage therapy on the affected tissue, muscles, and ligaments in an attempt to lessen the stiffness that occurs post-surgery. Secondly, the orthopedic therapist will employ temperature therapy, which is the use of ice packs to mitigate inflammation and hot packs to loosen restricted muscles.