What To Expect At Your First Personal Training Session

Most people enter their first personal training session with a mixture of emotions. You may be excited to get the ball rolling and start really making progress in your fitness. But at the same time, you may be a little nervous about working with someone new. Knowing what to expect can really help you feel more comfortable. So, here's what generally happens at a first personal training session.


If you did not already fill out paperwork, you can expect to do this during your first personal training visit. These questionnaires generally ask about your overall health. They'll ask about any underlying medical conditions you have, any previous injuries, your exercise history, any medications you're taking, and so forth. Having this information allows your personal trainer to develop a safe, beneficial program for you.

Goal Setting

After you fill out your paperwork, you can expect the trainer to talk to you about your goals. They'll probably ask you what your goals are and why you want to work with a personal trainer. Are you trying to lose weight? Maybe you want to get stronger, or perhaps you want to train for a 5k race. Be honest about your goals, but also expect your personal trainer to give you their opinion. Together, you can get some concrete, achievable goals on paper, which will give your workouts a purpose.


Your trainer will then assess your current physical fitness and abilities. They may have you perform some stretches to see how flexible you are, lift some weights to judge your current strength, and perhaps even jog or bike a certain distance to assess your cardiovascular fitness. The goal of these assessments is to see where you're starting off so that you and your trainer can better track your progress as you train.

A Short Workout

By the time you finish all of the steps above, you probably won't have time for a full workout. And after completing the assessment, you may not have the energy for a full workout, either. However, many personal trainers will guide you through a shortened version of a workout the first time around. This will give you a taste of their training style and a better idea of what you can expect the next time around.

Your first personal training appointment can be a really exciting, enjoyable experience. It's an opportunity to lay the groundwork for a productive routine. Contact a company like Savannah Sport and Wellness to learn more.