Medical Cannabis Assumptions People Will Often Make

For many patients, medical cannabis can represent an effective treatment option, but it is also an extremely new option from rec years. This can lead to patients having incorrect information about this treatment option, and this can prevent them from being able to utilize this approach for their symptoms.

Assumption: Medical Cannabis Will Always Be Used To Replace The Current Treatments

A prevalent assumption that people will have about medical cannabis is that it will always be used to completely replace a patient's current treatment approach. However, this is rarely the case. Rather, it is common for medical cannabis to be used to supplement the treatments that the patient is receiving. This can be especially common for patients that suffer from chronic pain as pain medications can be extremely damaging to the body in high doses and they can be habit-forming.

Assumption: Medical Cannabis Products Will Always Have Strong Narcotic Effects

Concerns about medical cannabis always causing the patient to experience strong narcotic effects can lead to people shying away from this treatment option. In reality, medical cannabis comes in a variety of different product styles and strengths. For example, those that are primarily limiting their options to CBD products will likely find that they experience no feeling of intoxication after consuming them. However, those that use products with THC in it are likely to experience some degree of intoxication as a result. This flexibility can be useful for patients that may prefer to use CBD for general symptom maintenance, but that may need stronger products that contain THC when they are experiencing particularly serious symptoms.

Assumption: Medical Cannabis Cards Can Be Obtained For Any Condition

Most states that allow medical cannabis will require patients to be approved for a special card that will grant them access to medical dispensaries. Being approved for this card can require a patient to be evaluated by a medical cannabis doctor that will be able to assess their needs and to determine whether cannabis will be an effective treatment option. Unfortunately, patients often assume that they will be able to be approved for this card for almost any reason. However, many states will have fairly strict requirements for being granted this approval, and the list of authorized medical conditions may be somewhat short. Thoroughly reviewing the local rules for your state can allow you to determine whether medical cannabis is likely to be approved for your particular medical condition or health needs.