Staying Healthy When Visiting The Doctor’s Office

Going into the doctor's office for a routine medical exam is supposed to keep you healthy. Checkups can catch diseases or other health problems early and allow you to escape intrusive treatments. Unfortunately, the doctor's office is also a fabulous place to pick up a virus. After all, sick people are there coughing, blowing their noses, and touching everything. If you take a few precautions while you are waiting to see your doctor, you may avoid catching a bug. Read More 

How Cryotherapy And Peeling Medication Can Help Your Plantar Wart

If you have a plantar wart on your foot, it may eventually go away on its own. However, it may take several months for that to happen, so if the wart bothers you when you walk, you should see a foot doctor for treatment. The problem with plantar warts is that they form on the ball or heel of your foot, where you apply pressure as you walk. This can make them painful. Read More 

Play Amateur Sports? Two Tips To Help You Stay In Good Shape

If you play amateur sports, you may not be aware of the risks of sustaining bodily injury.  Because you don't play on a professional level, you likely don't have the people around you that can help guide you as it pertains to the dangers of becoming injured while engaged in play.  Nevertheless, it's important for you to start certain practices that can help you stay in good shape.  Use this information to learn two tips that can help you avoid injury so you can continue playing the sport you love for as long as possible. Read More 

Post Nasal Drip And Bad Breath: Is There A Connection?

If you suffer from post nasal drip and funky breath, it is normal for you to wonder if there is a connection between the two. While post nasal drip isn't known to cause bad breath, the two do have a connection. In fact, here is everything you need to know about the connection and what you can do to prevent and/or cure bad breath. It's Not the Drip, but the Infection  Read More 

Obstetric Cholestasis During Pregnancy: Everything You Need To Know

Obstetric cholestasis is also sometimes called intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP). In the United States, approximately seven out of every thousand pregnant women are affected by this liver disorder annually. The cause of the disorder is currently unknown, but it usually occurs during the last trimester, though it can occur before that time. What is Obstetric Cholestasis? The liver is responsible for making the dark green to yellow fluid called bile. Read More