3D Mammography: Are Your New Breast Lumps Fibrous Tissues Or Cancer?

If you have a history of fibrocystic breast disease, you may not be too concerned if you develop new lumps in your breasts, especially if it happens every time you menstruate. However, you may want to speak to a doctor about the new lumps in your breasts to ensure that the lumps aren't cancerous. Fibrocystic breast tissue can make it difficult to feel lumps that can be or become cancerous. Here's what you look for in your new lumps, how 3D mammograms work and why you should get one now. Read More 

The Non-Surgical Approach To Managing Hammertoe

Does one of your toes stay in the curled-up position unless you manually straighten it? You have hammertoe, a common condition in which the tendons in one of your toes shorten, leading to bending of the toe. Many people elect to have their hammertoes surgically corrected, but if you cannot undergo surgery or prefer to take a more conservative approach, you can help keep the hammertoe from getting worse – and also prevent associated pain and discomfort – by employing these tactics. Read More 

Treating Common Injuries In A Toddler Learning To Walk

If you have a young child who has just or is in the process of learning how to walk, you will most likely be concerned for their well-being during the process. Small children are prone to a variety of common injuries as they are learning how to get around. Because this is a vulnerable time, it is best to bone up on first aid practices in case an injury was to occur. Here are some of the most common injuries a toddler would encounter and how to treat it properly. Read More 

Treat Your Varicose Veins While They Are Still Small

The small, purple veins in your legs bother you, but not enough to seek treatment. Varicose veins don't go away, and if you continue to ignore them, they'll become large and more unsightly. The time to have varicose veins treatment is when they are small. You'll likely get rid of them without a trace. Wait until they're larger and you risk scarring on your legs where the veins were removed. Here are some of the current ways that varicose veins are treated and which treatments leave no trace of the vein when they are gone. Read More