Got Pain? Stretches Every Office Worker Should Be Doing

Sitting in front of a computer screen or at a desk all day can have a lot of negative effects on your body. Your eyesight can worsen from hours of staring at the computer screen, you can gain weight from having a sedentary job, but what about your back and neck pain from sitting in a fixed position all day long? There are things you can do to help with that pain. Read More 

Examining The Psychological Side Effects Of Unexpected Caesarean Delivery

Being pregnant is an experience most women never forget and traditionally pass down to their daughters in the form of advice and fond memories. However, for many women, pregnancy can be a traumatic, frightening time due to the anticipation of a painful delivery. Some women are nervous during pregnancy due to external circumstances and stress. For the woman that is anticipating a natural delivery, the unexpected need for an emergency caesarean delivery can be devastating. Read More